Victory Martial Arts - Instructors

Master McKenzie

7th Dan Black Belt
6th Dan Black Belt in W.T.F
1st Dan Black Belt in I.T.F

    As a teenager I discovered Boxing as a passion that saw me begin a career as an amateur fighter in the Jamaican circuit. Years later while working in Montreal, one of my peers was practicing Taekwondo, which was unknown to me, during his launch breaks. From there I discovered a passion that would take me to fight in prestigious events such as the US Open Martial Arts Championship in Harlem NY. Thereafter I began teaching others at my studio and am proud of the dozens of black belt graduates.


    What are the 3 things you enjoy most when teaching?
    I enjoy teaching new techniques and watching students learn. I find it gratifying to watch students build their confidence.

    Where did you initially develop a passion for martial arts?
    I started boxing while I was in Jamaica. After moving to Montreal I tried Taekwondo with a friend. I found that I enjoyed the flexibility and motivation from Taekwondo.

    What is your proudest moment in your accomplished career?
    Receiving my 1st Dan was a really proud moment for me. I was then very motivated to open my own school.

    What important lesson do you wish to impart to students?
    I believe the Tenets of Taekwondo are very important lessons for all.

    What is the overall vision for Victory Martial Arts Studio?
    My vision for Victory Martial Arts Studio is that all students enjoy their learning experience and benefit in their lives from what they learn here.

    Mr Brent McGill

      Holds a 3rd degree black belt and is the longest active student with Master McKenzie (28 years) and is now the longest tenured instructor. Philosophy is to change body and mind for all of his student and instill the qualities that Master McKenzie has taught him.

      Mr Leroy Marshall

        Is a 4th degree black belt and who has been a part of the studio for 22 years. He is well know for his pure physical strength and previous tournament experience.

        Ms Amanda McKenzie

          Mrs Connie Buss

            Mr Radian Marshall

              Mr Chris Ross

                Mr Rob L Reitmeier

                  I began to study Martial Arts at the age of 11. The first style I joined was Hung Gar or Tiger Claw Kung Fu then I moved onto a style called Wing Chun which I took at the university under Mr. Ung. This style was made famous through Bruce Lee. I followed in the footsteps of Mr. Lee’s ideas in that it made sense to me to try other martial arts forms and try to take the best out of each style. I went on to take Tae Kwon Do under Mr. Wright and kick boxing under Mike Miles. I then moved on to train in Aikido under Sensei Inaba and trained in Jiu Jitsu for a time with Mr. Bissett What is offered in my class is a combination of these styles Wing Chun which is a very good in close combat situations and then Aikido / Jiu Jitsu which is used for submission tactics and finally the Tae Kwon Do / Kick Boxing which involves the use of kicks for a long range weapon. There are no belts given in this class. These classes would not be considered for sport although the kick boxing if so desired can be used as such. The other arts taught would be more for serious perhaps life threatening situation and for those with a deeper interest a weapons course may be offered in time.