Frequently Asked Questions

Am I to old to start Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a all-age sport. It's never too late to learn. People can start learning Taekwondo at any age. The exercise, flexibility training and discipline are always present to varying degrees and one has to be realistic as we age. When we are younger we compete as compared to when we are in our senior years we concentrate more on instruction and mentoring.  The most important consideration is our health.  You should always consult with your family physician first. We've seen many people start Taekwondo in the mid-forties and they are doing great and become a master of Taekwondo and are still practicing well into their sixties and seventies.

Can people with disabilities take Taekwondo?

One of the elements that we pride ourselves in is our work with special needs adults and children with varying physical and mental conditions. For more information talk to one of our experienced instructor.

What do I need for the first trial class?

Clothes suitable for training (e.g. gym pants, t-shirt) short toenails and fingernails and all jewelry removed. Please do not wear jeans or cargo pants.

I’m not in ideal physical shape at this moment in time. Are there prerequisites for training?

As long as your physician has cleared you for physical activities, we have no other prerequisite. Our training is rigorous and intense, however through our traditional and disciplined environment, we work with students to bring them to the level they are seeking to achieve.

Is there a minimum / maximum age limit for training Taekwon-Do?

We typically admit students from age six and up. We find that many students younger than six tend to copy and mimic rather than learn. This approach sticks with them and as the techniques become more complicated they become frustrated and quit. Although we have admitted students younger than six, this is at the discretion of the instructor following an evaluation following the free trial class. As for a maximum age, as long as your physician has cleared you for physical activity, we have no age limit!

How long does it take to achieve a first degree black belt?

The answer to this question will vary between styles and schools. Our three decades of instruction has shown that it takes an average of four to six years of regular training (twice a week) for a student to have the sufficient technical, physical and mental ability to successfully pass a first degree test. Rank promotion is based solely on ability and character, not time trained.

Are there tournaments available?

Every year there are local, provincial, national and international tournaments available for our students. Many of our instructors have competed, many with international and world-level competition experience.

How often should I attend classes?

The more frequent you attend classes, the more you can practice and the faster in your process. It's best to attend classes at least twice a week. Some of our dedicated students also practice for 15 to 30 minutes on days not attending classed.

What will Taekwondo do for me?

The practice of Taekwondo will:

  • Improve your physical fitness
  • Increase your muscle and strength
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Improve balance
  • Improve your coordination
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Improve your memory
  • Relieve stress
  • Build self-esteem
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Improve self-acceptance

What Are Benefits of Taekwondo for Children?

Children can develop self-discipline and confidence through Taekwondo lessons and training. They will learn to set goals and to overcome challenges with an indomitable spirit. Regular training in Taekwondo can help children with excess energy to adequately utilize their energy and to develop their concentration. Those who are less active or introverted can gain confidence, improve physical condition through various group activities. Taekwon-Do plays an important role in a child's mental and physical development. It is recognized as one of the official sports in the Olympic competition.

How much does it cost?

The cost of lessons/classes, uniform(s) and equipment depends of several factors such as one or more children, and/or adults. We have family plans for those parents/guardians wishing to train with their children.  We also have group plans. Payment programs are also available for low income families to provide all with an opportunity to improve themselves through our teachings.

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How do you tie the Taekwondo belt?

The best way to answer this question is to watch a short video.

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How Do Clean The Taekwondo Uniform and Belt?

It is important to keep your tae kwon do uniform neat, clean and pressed. This demonstrates respect for your school, instructors and yourself. Special care is required when washing your tae kwon do uniform. It can be damaged and prematurely worn out if washed incorrectly.

Cleaning Uniform and Belt:

  1. Remove all Velcro patches, pins and other temporary decorations attached to the tae kwon do uniform. These could come off during the washing process and could cause damage to the uniform itself.
  2. Select your laundry detergent carefully. Avoid colored laundry detergents that can stain white tae kwon do uniforms. Also avoid stain removers with color added. They can turn white uniforms yellow. Dye free detergents are best. Never use bleach on a tae kwon do uniform. It can weaken the material leading to holes and tears.
  3. Wash your tae kwon do uniform with in the regular cycle with cold water. Hot water will shrink the uniform and could cause the color on the patches to run. Cold water will extend the life of the tae kwon do uniform. Make sure to only wash the uniform with other white items. Color dye can run in the washing machine changing the color of your tae kwon do uniform.
  4. Gently dry your tae kwon do uniform. It is preferable to hang it up and allow it to air dry. This will reduce wear on the uniform and extend its life. You can place your tae kwon do uniform in a clothes dryer, but remove it when it is still slightly damp and hang it up. This will reduce wrinkling.
  5. Press your tae kwon do uniform with an iron on the "cotton" setting if needed. If you allowed your uniform to dry on a hanger, it probably wont need to be ironed. If you allowed it to fully dry in the clothes dryer or want it to look especially crisp for a promotion ceremony, then a gentle pressing will improve the appearance. Check that the iron is clean before beginning. Stains on the iron will transfer to the tae kwon do uniform.

Tips & Warnings
The belt of a tae kwon do uniform should never be washed. It is an age old tradition to allow belts to wear out naturally. Washing a tae kwon do belt is said to wash out all the knowledge that you gained.