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I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts, so when our daughter was old enough, my wife and I thought it would be great for our while family to take it together. We chose Victory Martial Arts Studio because it has a great reputation in our community. After taking classes for a few months we are all in better physical condition. Our daughter looks forward to the classes every week. With Master McKenzie’s extensive knowledge and experience in teaching Taekwondo, we feel he can help any student reach their goals.

Jason B.

Since joining Victory Martial Arts Studio of Taekwondo, our children have considerably built up their confidence levels. They have realized it is possible to overcome obstacles and achieve significant results, therefore continually desiring to learn more. There is no other art, sport, program or school that has shown more respect and consideration to everyone on an individual basis, regardless of culture, gender or age. We are extremely pleased to have enrolled our children in Victory Martial Arts Studio of Taekwondo and highly recommend it to everyone.

Paul & Cindy

My son, age 8 joined Victory Martial Arts Studio back in 2007. From the day he started, he has been very interested in achieving the next level. My husband and I are so happy that he is interested in an activity that does not involve computers and at the same time he is getting best exercise. Master McKenzie’s teaching method is remarkable. He is very strict and at the same time makes the lessons fun for him. I have recommended many of my friends to join Master McKenzie’s classes, in fact my son has made me join and even though it has been a month, I already feel better and more energetic. I totally recommend eneryone to enroll in classes. Thank you Master McKenzie for opening my son’s world to discipline and self confidence!

Divinder H

I started bringing my son to class last August and saw how much he enjoyed Taekwondo. I decided it was a great opportunity for me not only to learn, but to share something in common with my son. I have always been fascinated with the discipline of Martial Arts. Master McKenzie teaches great respect, discipline and confidence, to name a few things, which is beneficial for all ages. I encourage anyone to join and experience Master McKenzie’s Taekwondo School.


Family time is our 1st priority. Fitness is a close second. Having fun is also high on the list. We found all three and more in Taekwondo. Master McKenzies and his instructors are patient yet direct and, after each class, we manage to come away with something. Who wouldn’t want to better themselves both mentally and physically? It goes without saying you get out of it what you put into it. For us, the reward is not necessarily measured in belt colour, but in esteem, stamina and comradeship. We enjoy the role Taekwondo plays in our lives.

Dave S


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