Code Of Conduct

  1. IMG_2350Execute a bow of courtesy upon entering the classroom at the beginning of each class.
  2. Execute a bow of courtesy upon meeting Master McKenzie.
  3. Arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before class time to warm up and practice.
  4. Avoid bringing valuables to class.
  5. Remove all jewelry before entering the floor.
  6. The uniform will be complete and clean at all times.
  7. Any students missing class times will not be getting any adjustments of their registration at any time.
  8. When entering and leaving the floor, students should bow to the National Flags.
  9. Strictly no talking to each other once in class. Full attention should be given to the Instructor.
  10. No free sparring without the permission of a Black Belt.
  11. Students must show respect and strict attention to black belts at all times.
  12. Students wanting to test must pass a pretest to be given by Master McKenzie.